Sweet dreams

Here are some of the places, I’ve stayed in Paris before I moved here – and I can recommend them all.

Hôtel MARAIS HÔme (3’ième, 3 stars) is located close to République and is a small, cosy, modern hotel. It has excellent location for Marais and further East and is not too expensive – so it ticks all the boxes of a city hotel. More here…

JOBO HÔTEL (4’ième, 4 stars) is a modern rock glam hotel with the name celebrating Empress Joséfine Bonaparte. It’s perfectly located in the Marais, close to the cutest square Place Sainte-Catherine and it’s perfect for those wanting to spend and get a little bit more. More here…

Hôtel du Petit Moulin (3’ième, 4 stars) is also a rock-star-glam hotel with interior decoration done by Christian Lacroix. Perfect location in the Marais as well and the rooms make you smile. More here…


You might also check out what friends of mine recommend. For example is this one, Relais Christine. It looks amazing with spa and all the luxury you can with for (6’ième , 4-5 starts), and was recommended by an old friend and world-traveler.


Alternatively check out these websites that have excellent suggestions for hotels (not only Paris, but also Paris) in many price ranges (mostly the mid-higher end, but also some good bargains): I Escape is spot on and only have smaller boutique hotels. Splendia has a larger selection that includes bigger hotels too. If you like the more classic (expensive) hotels, go to Leading Hotels of the World or their ‘baby sisters’ Small Luxury Hotels of the World for the same luxury, just in smaller hotels.


Any suggestions for other places to sleep in Paris…?


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