After the rain…

… everybody came out for an evening stroll, and I made mine around Centre George Pompidou. This Sunday, it rained all day and the streets were empty. I also spent the day indoor (in my apartment on the couch.. Perfect!) and did not go out until late afternoon when the rain stopped and the sun – and everybody else – came out.

There can almost be a sense of ‘rebirth’ or rejuvenation during the time after the rain has stopped. It’s fresh, it’s crisp even if it’s warm and every color seems to stand out stronger and more vibrantly. It’s as if everything has come back to life again. And on top of that, most people (maybe except for the Scots and Irish) are just happy to be able to be out without their umbrella.

The square around the Centre Pompidou is a favorite place. To me, the Centre Pompidou is so much an image on Paris that I’m happy just being around it, because then I know I’m in Paris. Talk about emotion by proxy, haha. Stravinsky’s fountain makes me smile and want to kiss (a slightly more obvious emotional proxy link!) and on Sunday early evening, the pavement around the fountain turned into a playground for a few of the neighborhood’s kids.

So for adults and kids alike, this is a lovely, positive place to hang out.