Why no anchovies..?

Well basically because I really don’t like them. And this blog is about everything I love in and around Paris.

I’m Danish, 43 years old and I have a job in corporate Denmark.

I’ve been a lot of times to Paris and I moved here in end February 2018 to stay for some time, taking time off work. I have absolutely no plans except to enjoy myself, wander around and indulge in life and in Paris.

I enjoy photographing, exploring and looking for beauty and flowers are therefore naturally a recurring subject in my photos 😉 I also like to find (and photograph) beauty or create a sense of visual harmony, also in even the most unlikely places. I’m not yet good at photographing people; I’d like to learn that and to do that more, especially people in the street, where it’s not staged.

I don’t have a particular plan with this blog. To start with, I will just share my Paris photos and the stories around them. Or vise verca. Then we’ll see.

I will write in a mix of Danish and English, depending om the topic. Writing in Danish will, admittedly, make it difficult for many to understand. But the photos are thankfully not in Danish 🙂

How I look if I find anchovies in my food vs. how I normally look (well, and when it’s a good picture too!)

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